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September 23-24, 2017
23 Seattle Cat Club (Region 2) Longview, Washington, USA
23 Queen City Cat Club (Region 4) Wilmington, Ohio, USA
23 Twin City Cat Fanciers (Region 6) Crystal, Minnesota, USA
23-24 Freestate Feline Fanciers (Region 7) Timonium, Maryland, USA
24 Chatte Noir Club (Region 9) Moscow, RUSSIA
24 Cat Fanciers Soc of Indonesia (International) Surabaya, INDONESIA
23 Feline Fanciers Soc of Singapore (International) SINGAPORE
23-24 L&L Cat Club (International) Beijing, CHINA
23-24 Pearl River Cat Club ** Planned Foshan, CHINA
24 Shanghai Cat Lovers Society (International) Shanghai, CHINA
September 30-October 1, 2017
30-1 Foot of the Rockies Cat Club (Region 3) Loveland, Colorado, USA
30 Corea Cat Club (International) Gyeonggi-Do, SOUTH KOREA
30-1 Cornerpet Cat Fanciers Club (International) Beijing, CHINA
1 Taiwan International Cat Club (International) Kaohsiung, TAIWAN

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CFA's Best Cat in Premiership, Regions 1-9

CFA’s Best Cat in Premiership in North America/Japan/Europe is GP, NW Cinema's Liberace of Calcat, a Copper-Eyed White Neuter Persian. He was bred by Blake Mayes and Dennis Adler and is owned by Cynthia Lewis, Constance Wardlaw, Joanne Hardeman, Deutsch, Ury of Acworth, GA. Liberace was named Best-In-Show at the November 2016 CFA/Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter International Cat Show.

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CFA's Best Cat in Premiership, International

CFA’s Best Cat in Premiership, International is GC, GP, NW Kikapoo's Squeaking In The Nude, a Van Calico Spay Sphynx. She was bred by Dee Dee Cantley and Vickie Gary and is owned by Dee Dee Cantley and Adilah Roose of Kajang, Selangor.

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CFA's Best Cat in Agility

CFA’s Best Cat in Agility is CH, AG Wildtracks Jungle Moonshine, Chocolate Spotted Ocicat female - Best Cat in Agility. Bred by Sue Riley & Mark Henrichs, owned/handled by Peter & Beth Deal.

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