Declared Candidates

Officers and Regional Directors

Submission of Declarations:  Signed written notice of intent to be a candidate must BE RECEIVED in the Central Office by March 15, 2018 to be included on the ballot. Declarations received via fax are acceptable. Receipt of declarations is acknowledged by the Central Office; therefore, if an acknowledgment is not received within 3 weeks after declaration has been mailed, please contact the office immediately. Note: Declarations should not be co-mingled with any other material (e.g. registration applications, show license applications, etc.)

Declared Candidates for CFA Officers for the June 2018-June 2020 term:

  • President:
    • Mark Hannon, Linden, VA
  • Vice President:
    • Rich Mastin, Penfield, NY
  • Secretary:
    • Rachel Anger, Wayne, MI
  • Treasurer:
    • Kathy Calhoun, Chicago, IL

Declared candidates for Regional Director for the June 2018 - June 2020 term are:  

  • Region 1 (North Atlantic):
    • Sharon Roy, Manchester, NH

  • Region 2 (Northwest):
    • Pam Moser, Gresham, OR

  • Region 3 (Gulf Shore):
  • Region 4 (Great Lakes):
    • John Colilla, Columbus, OH

  • Region 5 (Southwest):
  • Region 6 (Midwest):
  • Region 7 (Southern):
    • Kenny Currle, Fairfax, VA
    • JoAnn Miksa-Blackwell, Johns Island, SC

  • Region 8 (Japan):
    • Kayoko Koizumi, Kanagawa, Japan

  • Region 9 (Europe):
    • Pam DelaBar, Tampere, Finland
    • Michael Hans Schleissner, Limburgerhof, Germany

  • International Division - China:
    • Allen Shi, Shanghai, China
    • Gavin Wang, Beijing, China
    • Pana Wang, Jiang Su, China

  • International Division - All Other:
    • Afza Kharmizi Abu Bakar, Selangor, Malaysia
    • Zulkifli Bin Daud, Singapore - Candidate statement
    • Eva Librianti, Jakarta, Indonesia
    • Suki Lee Shuk Man, Hong Kong
    • Izaddin Syah Yusof, Shah Alam, Malaysia - Candidate statement

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