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CFA Member Clubs

CFA has no individual membership; breeders and exhibitors are members of local cat clubs affiliated with the Association. The Empire Cat Club (New York City), organized on December 13, 1913, has remained a member club of the Association through the years, and is CFA's oldest member club. In 1962, 129 clubs were affiliated with CFA; as of December 2007, club membership totaled 649 worldwide.

Any non-profit club of not less than ten (10) members, organized for the purpose of holding or managing cat shows, and/or any other purposes consistent with those of The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. may apply for membership.

Clubs applying for membership in CFA must complete an application and follow constitutional criteria for acceptance as a new member. Compliance with the technicalities of application will not guarantee any applicant acceptance to membership.

When an application and accompanying papers are received in proper form in the Central Office, it will be submitted to the Executive Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting for consideration.

List of clubs in good standing

List of clubs with 2015 delegate forms received

List of 2015 ballots received

Club Deadlines / Scheduled Mailings

Club Dues

Club dues are $120.00 per year.

Payment may be made via:

Membership lists may be sent via:

  • Email to (email MUST be sent from the club secretary's email address)
  • Fax to 330-680-4633
  • Postal mail, to CFA, 260 East Main Street, Alliance, OH 44601

** NOTE - if you send a membership list via Fax or Email, please DO NOT send another copy via regular mail