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The CFA Ambassador Program

Welcome to the CFA Ambassador Program

The CFA Ambassador Program will help exhibitors give a public face to the cat fancy and offers knowledge transfer from those of you who know to the interested public. You will see some of us wearing buttons that say " Ask Me." The buttons are to provide the public with a contact person. If we don't have the answer, we will get it. Our Handbook is a wonderful tool for talking about CFA and their positions on many cat related subjects. If you're exhibiting at a show and want to help the public learn about CFA and the pedigreed cat, understand how the rings work and what the cat show is about, etc., you may enroll in the CFA Ambassador Program to help. You will receive an identity button, a cage topper and a handbook so you can become totally familiar with answers to the most frequently asked questions at a cat show. The CFA Ambassador Program is a first-rate resource for those who are interested in helping people understand CFA.

Welcome From the CFA President

For the past decade, we have had an active Ambassador Program in CFA which has included many enthusiastic Ambassadors at our shows around the world. Spectators attending our shows are cat lovers, but they are often confused by what they see at our shows. Our many volunteer Ambassadors help them understand what is going on and to enjoy themselves. They explain the judging process, what makes our 40+ breeds unique, the important role breeders play in persevering our breeds for the future, and generally making the public feel welcome.

Our Ambassadors are often the public face of CFA with the visitors to our shows. Our Ambassadors really do make a difference. Wearing a smile and an “Ask Me” sticker helps our visitors know you are someone who will take a few minutes to answer their questions and help them make sense of what’s going on around them in the showhall. Most of you are busy exhibiting one or more cats yourself and we sincerely appreciate your efforts on behalf of the program. If you happen to bring along a Pet Me Cat or an Ambassador Cat, you added efforts are appreciated.

On behalf of CFA, let me thank you for participating in this very important program.

Mark Hannon

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