CFA Animal Welfare Committee

No other organization does more for the health and welfare of cats than The Cat Fanciers' Association. Consider the far-reaching effects of the health studies financed by the Winn Feline Foundation. Consider the effect of our cattery inspection program, and our committment, worldwide, to rescue and aid cats displaced durings disasters. On top of that add in our Trap, Test, Vaccinate, Alter, Identify and Release Program for managed feral cat colonies, our promotion of responsible pet ownership and public education, our dedication to present the most beautiful cats in the world to the public, and our quest to constantly do the "right thing".

Education is one of our priorities, and we are working on proposals for ethics and education. Pamphlets are being drafted, in conjunction with the animal health committee, for buyer education and youth education regarding responsible pet ownership. A new program will see vet students receive copies of our breed profiles, Winn Feline Foundation information, and a presentation on our CFA recognized breeds, cattery management, the CFA Inspection program, disaster relief, and a discussion of breeder/veterinarian relationships.

CFA has been an integral part of the disaster rescue picture. At the Disaster Summit hosted by the American Humane Association, CFA was recognized as the expert in cat rescue and aid, and will be a vital participant in any future disaster rescue mission as warranted. Our goal is to provide the appropriate level of resourcing based on the disaster, be it money, personnel, supplies, and/or equipment.

Taken from Animal Welfare Committee report to Annual Meeting June 1995

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