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CFA Mentor Program

At the June 2000 meeting, the CFA Board of Directors approved a plan for the development of a mentorship program. It is our belief that a mentoring program is an investment in the future of CFA. Such a program will help shape future CFA fanciers and provide answers for the many questions new and experienced people have.

The Objective of the mentor program is to attract and retain breeders to the pedigreed breeds by establishing a program that provides education, guidance, assistance and nurturing. Our Vision is to provide a resource for the dissemination about the acquisition, breeding and showing of pedigreed cats.

The program is designed to provide support on three levels

  • Printed educational material
  • Person-to-person mentoring
  • Educational seminars

LEVEL I will encompass the generation of Printed Educational Material. There will be a Series of informational brochures such as:

  • Caveat Emptor
  • Winning Isn't Everything
  • Show Ring Decorum
  • Your First Show
  • Contracts - the Legal Side to Breeding
  • Breeder and Exhibitor Ethics
  • Getting Started
  • Show Ring Decorum
  • "Sports-ship" - how to win and lose gracefully and graciously.
  • Your First Show
  • Cattery Management
  • Feline Husbandry
  • Illness and Infection
  • Contracts - The Legal Side of Breeding and Exhibiting
  • Animal Rights and Its Affect on Your Breeding Program
  • Breeder and Exhibitor Ethics
  • Joining the Breed Council
  • Registering Litters and Individuals
  • Grooming

LEVEL II will deal with the Develop a Network of Mentors, and LEVEL III will be aimed at the development of Educational Seminars

The TIME LINE for the accomplishment of this work is as follows:

7/2000 - 7/2001

  • Form the committee
  • Develop the brochures
  • Produce and distribute early brochures
  • Begin to establish the mentor network

7/2001 - 7/2002

  • Completion of brochures
  • Completion of mentor network plan
  • Start the work on the first annual education program

7/2002 - 7/2003

  • Organize and conduct the first education program in breeding and exhibiting.

We are beginning to build the committee and the program and see it as two working groups of volunteers -- a "core committee" and a "working committee." As with any committee or group, the responsibilities and membership will change as the program develops and grows.

The Core Committee is small and will oversee the development of the program. Members of the Working Committee will initially be comprised of people who are interested in writing a variety of informational pamphlets as noted above. Later, the Working Committee will be made up of those who wish to act as mentors and educators.

Are you interested in participating? We need people who are willing to put pen to paper (fingers to key pad?) and write the material to be included in the educational pamphlets. You need not have any special writing skills. Your good ideas and enthusiasm to share what you have learned is enough. There are individuals on the Core Committee who will work with you as your material is edited and prepared for printing. While we can not offer any financial reimbursement, we are committed to making sure that all contributors are recognized.

If you are interested or have further questions, please contact Carol Krzanowski in any of the following ways:

Phone - 609-597-6145
E-mail -

Thank you - we look forward to working with each and every one of you!