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International Scope Takes Cat Show to Another Level

December 6, 2017

The 2017 Cat Fanciers Association International Cat Show presented by Royal Canin continued it legacy of being truly international in scope. Participants from 14 countries on three continents were among exhibitors that competed for top honors.

AgilityCFA caught up with Phebe Low who traveled to the United States from Hong Kong. Her Bombay male GC, DW Chapter XI Gabu received 1st runner up honors at the International Show.

Low and Gabu began the journey to the United States October 30th, first competing in the Cotton States Cat Show and then Dayton Cat Show before flying to Portland, OR. Low has attended the International Show since 2014. What keeps Low and her cats coming back? She says it’s the experience gained from being part of the International Show.

“The International Show is an excellent platform to meet breeders from all over the world,” Low explained. “It also provides an opportunity to gain show experience as well as see beautiful, top cats from all over the world.”

Low began breeding Bombay cats in 2008. “It was my black longhair household pet MuiMui that made me fall in love with black cats,” she noted. “When MuiMui passed away at 17 years of age, I decided to start breeding cats. Needless to say, the shiny, black, leather kid Bombay cat is my designated choice.”

Low admits that when she is alone with her Bombays, they just melt her heart. “They have a sweet disposition, great personality, and are loyal like a puppy,” she said.

The International show represented 41 breeds of cats. Besides Hong Kong, other international participants hailed from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, France and Canada.

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