Basic Cattery Planning and Preparing

Basic Planning

Just as there is no perfect cat, there is no perfect cattery. Most breeders must work within the confines of available space, number, sex, and breeds of cats to be housed. Financial considerations are always a factor.

There are, however, a few general things to think about. If possible, have the cattery on the ground floor. Hauling litter up and down stairs should be avoided. Have the cattery easily accessible and keep no more cats than you can comfortably take care of. Above all, keep the design simple.

In addition to cages, you want storage space and a grooming table. A kitchen counter unit will provide drawers for medications and grooming utensils, undercounter storage for cleaning paraphernalia, and a top service for mixing and serving food. A grooming table should be provided with strong light. All food and water dishes should be nonporous unless disposable paper plates are used.

In summing up, as long as you keep the cattery simple, use nonporous materials, provide plenty of light, space and circulating air and clean & disinfect on a regular basis, you should have healthy cats and enough time left over to enjoy your animals.

Preparing the Space

As the health of the cats is of prime concern, surfaces that are easily cleaned and disinfected are vital. Proper ventilation, natural light and adequate space for each cat is essential.

The recent development of polyurethane and epoxy paints is a boon to breeders. These paints form a plastic film on surfaces that is nonporous, long wearing and easy to clean and disinfect. Avoid carpet at all costs. It is impossible to disinfect, holds odor and can harbor fleas. Linoleum type flooring is porous and holds urine and spray odors no matter how often it is mopped.

Cross ventilation is essential to prevent the spread of disease. An exhaust fan installed in a window will do the job. If this is not feasible, a small bathroom exhaust fan can be installed and vented to the outside. Along with good air flow, a good source of natural sunlight - windows, glass doors - is beneficial.

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