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Breed Council Online Ballots

For the purpose of this balloting, you will have three options to submit your vote:

1. Online (click the appropriate link below) OR
2. Download a PDF of the ballot below, mark the ballot, sign and date it.  You may return it by mail to Central Office or scan and send from the mail on file in Central Office; OR
3. Request that a paper ballot is sent to you from Central Office

Please note that you will only submit your vote by ONE of the three methods. All ballots must be submitted online or received in Central Office by January 2, 2018 at midnight.

Each breed council member may vote only once per breed council membership. If you submit both a paper and online ballot, the online ballot will be discarded and only the paper ballot will count.

Voting has now closed for this year... ballot results will be available shortly

American Curl:

American Shorthair:





Cornish Rex:

Devon Rex:


Japanese Bobtail:

Persian - General:

Persian - Shaded/Smoke Division:

Scottish Fold:

Selkirk Rex:


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