The Siberian Cat

by Pamela A. Martin
From 2008 CFA Yearbook

Siberian Milestones


  • Siberians first appeared in recorded history They came from the unforgiving climate in Siberia and first appeared in recorded history around the year 1000.


  • The Siberian cat was one of the three longhairs represented at the first cat shows held in England in the 1700s.


  • First entry into USA, found in a book originally published in 1900 by Helen M.Winslow entitled, Concerning Cats: “Mrs. Frederick Monroe of Riverside, Illinois owns a remarkable specimen of a genuine Russian cat, a perfect blue of extraordinary size. The Russian longhaired pet is much less common even than the Persian and Angora.”


  • Russian people had thought that long ago the feral pointed patterned cats and the feral Siberian cats got together along the banks of the Neva River in Leningrad (which is now named St. Petersburg) in the 1960s.


  • The first cat show in Leningrad, Russia. It was organized by two cat clubs, Kotofei and Kis. This is the actual date of the beginning of breeding of Siberians in St. Petersburg. The Soviet Felinological Association registered the Siberian breed. It included both the traditional colors and the Siberian colorpoint (Neva Maskarade).


  • 06/28/90 – Siberians first arrived in USA. The first breeding Siberians were introduced in the United States in 1990. Elizabeth Terrell imported the initial kittens. They arrived on June 28, 1990. Their names were Ofelia Romanova of Starpoint, Naina Romanova of Starpoint and Kaliostro Vasenjkovich of Starpoint (pictured left to right below).
  • 07/24/90 – Registration accepted in ACFA. The original three Siberians imported by Beth Terrell were accepted for registration in ACFA.
  • 08/90 – First ACFA show in USA in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • 08/90 – First TICA show in USA, in El Paso, Texas.


  • WCF accepted a working Siberian standard
  • 03-04/91 – First magazine article in USA, the Cat Companion from Friskies contained the first article about Siberians.
  • 07/13/91 – First Siberian litter sired and born in the USA. “Anastasie” gave birth to the first litter sired by “Aleks” – three babies in litter. Linda Gray and Mary Armentrout, both of Maine, were the first ones to purchase breeding cats from Beth.
  • Kotofei Cat Club met in 1991 to establish their own Siberian standard.


  • 02/23/92 – ACFA semi-annual approved the standard and granted Siberians probationary status.
  • 03/06/92 – TICA accepted the standard with some adjustments and put Beth, Foye and Sandy Roberson on breed committee.
  • 03/08/92 – CFF accepted the standard and the Siberian as Experimental – the first registry we had to work with from the ground up.
  • 1991-1992 – CFF show season, first national year end award when Starpoint’s Irida Kaliostrovna earned the title of Second Best Experimental in CFF.
  • 03/92 – CCA, NCFA (later accepted) and ACA approached and approved standards.
  • 11/92 – TAIGA formed - The first Siberian Breed Club was formed by Elizabeth Terrell for the promotion of the Siberian breed throughout all registries.
  • 12/24/92 – Second generation of Siberians born in USA. First litter of Starpoint kittens born out of Starpoint Cattery to Mary Armentrout in Maine.


  • 06/24/93 – The Siberians were first presented to CFA in 1993 by Linda Gray, but were not accepted for Miscellaneous class. The cats were: Starpoint’s Irida Kaliostrovna and Starpoint’s Karina Loukanovna – another cat was there from another importer from California but did not look like the two Starpoint cats.
  • 12/11/93 – First Siberian champion in any registry – AACE – Audrey Oliver with non-Starpoint cats – AACE accepted for championship immediately.
  • AACE new registry formed, and the Siberian accepted.


  • Russian standard - and official standard was accepted by the Expert Commission of WCF in 1994.
  • 03/10/94 – Tom Dent, CFA Executive Director, asked Beth to present the Siberian to board. She declined due to the expense (remember they also invited the breed in 1993). She sent written presentation.
  • 05/01/94 – CFF accepted Siberian as Provisional. The Siberian grandfathered in as Provisional breed by CFF after a changing of their Experimental rules.
  • 10/30/94 – First Grand Champion, AACE – Troika Zahar Ahlmazovich.
  • 11/26/94 – Largest competitive class of Siberians in one show – 13 – CFF.


  • Russian standard published
  • 04/30/95 – First Supreme Grand, AACE – Troika Zahar Ahlmazovich.
  • 05/06/95 – CFF accepts Siberians for championship, using standard of St. Petersburg Felinological Association and was published in the compilation of WCF standards in 1995.
  • 05/07/95 – ACA accepts for championship


  • 01/01/96 – Siberian accepted in Italy
  • 05/01/96 – Colorpoint accepted for championship in AACE
  • 05/01/96 – First Siberians in Canada
  • 06/09/96 – First GRC Siberian in CFF. Comrade Vashin Paschanovich – first and still only GRC in CFF.
  • 08/31/96 – TICA accepted Siberians for championship


  • 02/28/97 – Colorpoint introduced in the USA. First colorpoint was imported by Dana Osburn.
  • 05/01/97 – Colorpoints accepted for NBC in TICA


  • 02/24/98 – First litter of colorpoints born. Eight babies – Dana Osburn.
  • 09/01/98 – First white Siberian enters USA, Barbara Naame.
  • 09/01/98 – First Siberian in Hawaii


  • 02/20/99 – ACFA accepts the Siberian breed for championship


  • 05/01/00 – Accepted in CFA as a Miscellaneous breed
Treskuchiy Sibirskiy Moroz Mur of Cooncreole


  • 04/30/01 – Siberian is TICA International Cat of the Year. Treskuchiy Sibirskiy Moroz Mur of Cooncreole, owned by Dan and Judy Chappetta.
  • 09/01/01 – Featured in Cat Fancy. Cover and article about Siberians.


  • 05/01/02 – Colorpoint advances to championship in CFF
  • 05/01/02 – Colorpoint advances to championship in TICA


  • 04/01/04 – Featured in Cat Fancy. Cover and article about Siberians.
  • 08/01/04 – Application submitted for advancement to Provisional status in CFA.


  • 02/05/05 – Request for advancement presented to CFA Board of Directors in Houston, Texas.
  • 05/01/05 – Advanced to Provisional status in CFA
GC, BW, RW Siberkot Rocky Mountain, Brown Tabby & White male.
CFA's Best of Breed and Northwest Region's 22nd Best Cat, 2006-07
Br/Ow: Wendy Heidt and Jay Collins


  • 05/01/06 – Advanced to Championship status in CFA
  • 08/12/06 – GC, BW, RW Siberkot Rocky Mountain was the first grand champion in CFA. He granded at the Pacific Rim Allbreed Cat Show in Portland, Oregon on August 11-12, 2006.

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