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Companion Cat World (CCW)

All cats are invited to join our world!

CFA cherishes ALL cats and our mission is to enhance their lives with love, care and celebration. We welcome cats from all walks of life to join our world in which we celebrate all beloved companion cats.

Sign your cat up for all the FUN. You don’t need a show cat to join our world!

Lifetime Membership Fee - $13*
Includes membership card with a photograph of your cat!

Membership Benefits:

  • Customized membership card with photograph of CCW member cat
  • Photo of your exquisite cat showcased in the CFA Gallery of Companion Cats on
  • Exclusive savings on cat food, toys, supplies, services and more
  • Special gifts and offers from CFA and CFA partners
  • Customized membership card (certificate, keytags and luggage tags are optional)
  • Opportunities for you and your cat to attend CCW events to meet other cat lovers. Bring your cat to meet fans too (if your cat likes that sort of thing!)
  • Can compete in the “Household Pet” show class for regional, national, and world-wide cat show title awards (if qualified, based on CFA Show Rules)

How Do I Join the Fun?

  • Complete the CCW Membership Registration Form
  • Upload a photograph of your cat, as requested on the form. If you do not have a photo at the time of registration, you can skip that step and submit one later.
  • You will receive acknowledgement of your registration via email.
  • If you did not upload a photograph of your cat, you will receive an email notification asking you to send a photograph.
  • Once a photograph is received, expect your cat to be added to the online gallery and membership card within 2-3 weeks.
  • Check your email regularly for special offers and invitations to events from CCW and CFA!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the Household Pet Program (HHP) and Companion Cat World (CCW?)
    Traditionally in CFA, “HHP” referred to cats competing in the Household Pet category at CFA shows. There was not a term to distinguish rescue/shelter/random breed/non-pedigree/non-standard cats recorded in the Household Pet Program who did not compete. Although a large majority of our non-pedigreed companion cats choose not to compete, as a CCW member they still can celebrate their cat with us in other ways!
    In Companion Cat World, all registered cats can come to shows but do not have to compete. CCW is a way for cats who may not enjoy the show ring to still join in on the fun.
    The name of our program for non-pedigreed cats is now Companion Cat World but the acronym for non-pedigreed show cats still remains HHP. It is important that cat lovers from all over the world understand that CFA celebrates ALL cats and not just fancy pedigreed and non-pedigreed cats who compete.
    All cats currently recorded as HHP cats (who compete or do not compete) will be automatically converted to CCW and we have found that many use the terms interchangeably.
  • My cat is currently recorded as a Household Pet (HHP). Do I have to register in CCW and pay the $13?
    All recorded HHP will automatically be included in CCW registration at no charge. However, if you would like to have a customized membership card and have your cat’s photograph included in the CCW Gallery, you will have to order a card for $9.
  • My cat doesn’t really like people. Do I have to take him to events?
    No, not all cats like to attend events and meet people. Sometimes people try it, then realize that the online gallery and social media are the best place to show off their cats.
  • What is the difference between the membership card, key-tag and luggage tag?
    The membership card is credit card size, and is included with your membership. The cost for a luggage tag with strap (great to put on pet carriers) is $9. The cost for a set of 3 keytags is $9 also.
  • I signed up but I have more questions. Who can I contact?
    You can email with any questions.

* A portion of your paid membership fee goes toward supporting the well-being of cats in feral, rescue and shelter situations.

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