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Breeder - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I would like to find a breeder in my area. Can CFA help me do that?

An excellent way to find a breeder is to visit a CFA show. That's the best way to find a breeder for your particular breed since you can meet the breeders in person and see their cats. Go to: or to find a show near you.

CFA also has the CAT BREEDER REFERRAL SERVICE. Please use our search engine to locate a breeder in your area.

Note: Pricing on kittens is up to each individual breeder and may vary depending upon the quality of the kitten, its bloodlines, its color, markings or other qualities.

2. How do I know a breeder is “reputable”?

CFA cannot endorse or recommend a specific breeder. Below are some guidelines which may help you determine if your chosen breeder is the "right" breeder for you.

  • The responsible breeder is willing to take the time to talk with the prospective purchaser and share information about the breed, both before and after the purchase.
  • The responsible breeder will likewise interview the prospective purchaser to determine the kind of home the kitten or cat will have.
  • The responsible breeder will not sell kittens before they are 12-14 weeks of age and have been vaccinated. Some pet quality kittens will already be neutered or spayed; others will be contractually required to be altered by a certain age.
  • The responsible breeder will provide a health guarantee in writing.

It is advisable to visit the breeder’s home and to see the sire and dam of the kittens and when possible, the other cats in the cattery. By observing the prospective kitten in its environment, it may be easier to judge the relative health and cleanliness of conditions in which the kittens were raised. However, when purchasing a kitten from a breeder in another state, or at a cat show, this home visit may not be possible. Additionally, many breeders - especially those who live alone -- fear becoming a crime victim, and are reluctant to allow any strangers into their home.

There are also restrictive breeding laws and pet number limit laws in jurisdictions across the country which can make even the most responsible breeder less likely to allow strangers into the home. In any case, when a home visit is not possible, you can ask the breeder for references from people who have previously purchased kittens or can ask permission to discuss the breeder's cats with his or her veterinarian. Most of all, you should be comfortable in your dealings with a breeder.

3. Why is the Bengal not included in your list of breeds?

CFA does not recognize the Bengal as a breed and has not been approached by a group of Bengal breeders to do so. Currently, CFA has the following policy in effect. This policy would make it difficult for CFA to accept the Bengal as a breed at this time:
The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc., does not encourage or promote the breeding of non-domestic (wild) cats of any species to any domesticated cats. Furthermore, The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. will not consider for registration the offspring of such a breeding.

4. Where can I find breed rescue groups?

Many of CFA's breeders have banded together and provide rescue for pedigreed cats when it becomes necessary to do so. You can find a listing of rescue groups at: While a group may not be in your immediate area, please contact them anyways as breeders have a very wide network of communication and may be able to put you in touch with someone local who can assist.

5. The kitten I just purchased is sick. The breeder won’t help me. How can I file a complaint?

CFA's procedure to review a protest regarding the sale of a sick cat by a CFA breeder, requires that the person who is directly involved complete and SIGN the CFA Protest Form. The name/address of the party you are citing must be included in the complaint.

** How "Sick Cat" Complaints are Handled:
Your complaint is assigned a docket number and copied to the breeder named in the complaint along with an attached letter from CFA requesting that s/he submits his/her comments relative to this complaint and encourages the breeder to come to some type of settlement or agreement with you.

Your complaint, along with any response received, is reviewed by the Protest Committee Chairperson and stays on file for CFA so that a closer look may be given to a breeder whose name repeatedly shows up in complaints. You will only be notified if your complaint is to receive any action beyond our letter to the breeder.

You may also call CFA’s Central office with a request to send you a CFA Protest Form.

Completed and signed protest forms can be scanned and emailed to

The protest form must be signed and all documents must be readable.

Protest forms can also be mailed to:
The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.
Attention: Protest Committee
260 East Main Street
Alliance, OH 44601