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2017 Royal Canin/CFA International Show Flyer

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At the July Annual meeting, the judging assignments for the show were drawn, and are as follows - each group will have an entry limit of 500 cats:

Judging Kittens and Household Pets (4 AB rings, 4 SP rings)

  • Pam Bassett AB
  • Hope Gonano SP
  • Darrell Newkirk AB
  • Brian Moser SP
  • Kayoko Koizumi AB
  • Larry Adkison AB
  • Michael Schleissner SP
  • Teresa Sweeney SP

Judging Championship, Premiership, and Veterans (6 AB rings, 2 SP rings)

  • Vicki Nye AB
  • Melanie Morgan AB
  • Rachel Anger AB
  • Annette Wilson SP
  • Carla Bizzell AB
  • Sharon Roy AB
  • Wain Harding AB
  • David Mare SP

Best In Show Judges

  • Kayoko Koizumi
  • Carla Bizzell
  • Sharon Roy