CFA International Show

CFA International Show - Past Results

Results – 2016

Best in Show:

Cat #319 in Red Show
Br: Blake Mayes/Dennis Adler
Ow: Deutsch/Hardeman/Ury/Lewis/Wardlaw (7)

First Runner Up (ready to take over if for any reason Best cat cannot fulfill his duties)

Cat #714 in Purple Show
Br/Ow: Janet-Carissa Altschul (3)

Second Runner Up

Cat #233 in Red Show
Br/Ow: Noralyn Heisig (7)

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Red Show HHP results
(these are also in the “all results” file)

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Agility Results:

  1. Taylor, handled by Sarah. 0:11.94 seconds, 408 points
  2. Karma, handled by Pete. 0:15.28, 405 points
  3. Gemini, handled by Donna. 0:18.84, 402 points
  4. Foxy, handled by Beth. 0:20.16, 400 points
  5. Blaze, handled by Sarah. 0:21.89, 398 points
  6. Aina, handled by Sam, 0:23.82, 396 points
  7. Dilong, handled by Sonja, 0:24.13, 396 points
  8. Scamp, handled by Beth, 0:24.29, 396 points
  9. Mooner, handled by Beth, 0:25.90 394 points
  10. Yiqi, handled by Sonja, 0:36.12, 384 points

Results – 2015

Congratulations to the 2015 Best In Show Winner at the CFA Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter International Cat show!
GC, RW Briar-Mar’s Good To Be Me
Red Classic Tabby & White Shorthair Male Manx
Breeders: Omar Omar F Gonzalez, Gary Veach, Suki Lee
Owners: Omar Gonzalez, Gary Veach
Photos by Larry Johnson

First Runner Up:
Dotdotdot’s Sam I Am
Chocolate Spotted Male Ocicat Kitten
Breeders/Owners: Roger & Nancy Brown
Photos by Mary Kolencik (left) and Larry Johnson

Second Runner Up:
Astral Charm 5th Element
Calico-Bi-Color Persian Female Kitten
Breeders/Owners: Robert & Debbie Rosas
Photos by Larry Johnson

Best Household Pet:
Mimi, a tortoiseshell and white spay owned by Sarah and Paul Sieffert
(for trivia buffs, Mimi is a perfect example of the Maryland state cat!) Photo by Larry Johnson

Best Cat in Agility:
Maine Coon AC Nascat Checkers owned by Donna Hinton

Agility Results

The agility competition included cash prizes for the top 5 cats, rosettes for top 10, and medals and a toy for 11-15.
Photos by Junko Tsudo

Breed Booth Results:
1) Household Pet (pictured)
2) Ocicat
3) Bombay
4) American Bobtail
5) Burmilla
Photo by Mark Hannon

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Note that breed results may differ from rankings in the scoreboards. The Best of Breed results were scored based on class judging only without points from finals.

Scoreboards for both shows – (Updated 11 December 2015) from Central Office, so these are official results, please contact CO if you have questions about the scoreboards

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Red Show Catalog includes HHP and Agility entries
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Results – 2014