CFA International Show

CFA International Show - Sponsorships

The 2017 International Show in Portland, OR is approaching and there are plenty of opportunities for sponsorships. This promises to be a great show with a great attendance. Portland is a unique and beautiful city and the committee has a great show planned. Be part of it by being a sponsor! Even if you cannot attend in person, your cattery, club, breed council or business can be an important part of the International Show, through your sponsorship. We have the following sponsorships available:

Breed Sponsorship
After competition, rosettes will be awarded to the top three kittens, cats in championship, premiership, veterans and household pet. For $50, your sponsorship name will be printed on each rosette for each category sponsored. The deadline for breed sponsorships is September 15, 2017, to allow for the printing of rosettes. Please don’t miss this opportunity.

Ring Support Sponsorship
This sponsorship covers the cost of clerks, stewards, lunch, supplies and other amenities for each ring, the master clerk and show scorers. For $150, your sponsorship name will be noted on a sign in the ring or work area, recognizing your sponsorship and you will be listed in the show catalog.

Ring Sponsorship
Your business, club, breed council or cattery can sponsor a ring for $400. There will be a sign in each ring, recognizing your sponsorship. Your sponsorship name will be printed on the rosettes for your ring and listed in the show catalog.

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We look forward to receiving your sponsorship. -cyndy byrd

Please note – Some rings and breeds have already been spoken for. Those remaining are those listed.