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Vendor Contract 2017

Here is the vendor contract for the 2017 show in Portland Oregon. The form is a PDF that can be filled in and signed electronically.

VENDOR CONTRACT 2017 – Portland Oregon

Vendor Listing

3 Day Pet Supply - Cat supplies and toys
Breeders Choice - Pet Food
Cat Writer - Cat Mystery writer
Cat-Fish Photography - Photos, Ceramic tile
Charlies Pet - Ceramic bowls
Evenger's - Cat Food
Eye-deas Fantasy Cat Art - Cat Art
Feline Behavior Solutions - Behavior consulting
First Class Cats - Cat supplies, toys
Gita Maria - Jewelry & fabric art
J.S. Perry Originals - Cat Painting
Johnson Pet Products - Cat T-Shirts
Lewis & Clark cat club - Promotion
M-T's - Cat beds, toys, etc.
Meowsers - Cat items
Mostly cats - Cat ornaments
Northwest Naturals - Cat food
Power Paws - Animal food
Red Zone Graphics - Custom pet artwork
Romona Marek - Cat author & writer
Sturdi Productsl - Pet carriers and kennels
The 3-C's Dog Supplies - Combs, shampoos, grooming products
UltraLite Original - Cat Cages