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Recording a Household Pet

To record your Household Pet with CFA, please complete and submit the required information below and then pay the required $13 application fee through our online catalog. Our staff will then process the information and a Certificate of Recording will be mailed to you within 10 working days.

NOTE: A CFA Household Pet Recording Number is not necessary to enter your Household Pet in a CFA licensed show.

Read more about our Household Pet recording program


Have an eCat Online Services account?  You can now submit your household pet form there for even faster service!  Simply log-in, then select the "Manage Registration" menu item, and click on "Add/View Cat Registration". If you don't have an eCat Online Services account already, signing up is FREE and simple to do, and will provide you with your recording number as soon as you submit the form!

SECTION A: Name Choices

Limited to 35 characters and spaces.
NOTE: Processing of submissions with names longer than the 35 character maximum will be delayed.

SECTION B: Birthdate

SECTION C: Owner Information

Limited to 30 characters, including letters, spaces, numbers and punctuation. Use first name or inital and last name(s) - Mr./Mrs. is not acceptable.
NOTE: Processing of submissions with owner names longer than the 30 character maximum will be delayed.

NOTE: We will email a registration number upon the completion of processing - if a submitted email address is incorrect we are not responsible for any delays. Bounced email is not monitored.

SECTION D: Color and Coat Information

Include tabby pattern, if any.

Required for White cats only


If there are changes or corrections after submission, please email them to