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Clerking Advancement - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I start?

You can do several things: you can attend a Clerking School (which is one of the requirements), and/or you can ask the Show Manager (or clerk) if you may sit with a Chief Ring Clerk at a show. You do not have to do the Clerking School first, but in order to be advanced, you must attend the Clerking School.

2. What happens if I can't find a Clerking School to attend?

You can contact the Clerking Committee Chair or CFA Clerking Administrator at Central Office to inquire if anyone is planning on putting on a school. If not, see if you can find a Master Clerk Instructor to put on a clerking school in your area. Normally, clerking schools are done in conjunction with a show.

3. Why do I have to take a test to become a Licensed Master Clerk (or maintain current status)?

The test gives the individual questions on newer show rules, overlooked requirements, or common misconceptions about the clerking program. It provides a refresher for most of the more experienced Clerks, and enables them to guide and instruct newer clerks on some of these concepts.

4. How many assignments are required to be licensed as a Certified Clerk?

The current requirements for a Certified Clerk license calls for the candidate to complete 3 assistant ring clerk assignments under 3 different licensed Chief Ring Clerks. Then, act as a solo Chief Ring Clerk for 6 times under 4 different Judge's. Clerking evaluations must be done for all assignments during this timeframe (assists as well as solo assignments). The last 2 evaluations must also be done by the Master Clerk in charge. Confirm that all evaluations have been received by Central Office, and pay the biennial clerking fee. Upon receipt of payment, you will be sent the exam, and once it is passed, you will become a licensed Certified Clerk! (For more information on Clerking requirements, see the current Clerking Manual and the current Clerking Requirements.)

5. How long is the license good for?

A Clerk's license is valid for a period of two years. Tests are administered in the even number years during the period of April thru August.

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