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The CFA Clerking Program

Program History

The CFA Clerking Program was officially initiated at the suggestion of CFA Attorney Robert Winn at the January 1967 CFA Executive Board Meeting, with Regional Vice-President Will Thompson being appointed as the first Chairperson. In subsequent years, many individuals have served as the CFA Clerking Chair, being appointed by the current CFA President.


The Chief Ring clerk is the one of the most important positions in the Judging ring. The Chief Ring clerk acts as the interface between the Judge and the exhibitors, and manages the operation of the ring under the Judge's direction.

The Chief Ring Clerk supervises the stewards in cleaning the Judging cages, putting up ring numbers, calling cats to be judged, and marking the catalog as the Judge hangs ribbons and rosettes indicating their awards. Chief Ring Clerks check the Judge's awards sheets for agreement with the catalog as marked by the Ring Clerks, and resolves discrepancies with the Judge.

Each show must also have a Master Clerk to consolidate the awards from the Judge's sheets for all the rings, into a Master Catalog. The Master Clerk rechecks the Judge's sheets for completeness and accuracy. One of the functions of the Master Clerk is to detect any mechanical errors made by the Judge in which the Chief Ring Clerk did not catch, and resolve them with the Judge before the Judge completes Judging, or leaves the ring. The Master Clerk also makes corrections requested by the exhibitors in the Master Clerk Catalog, which is the official record of the Show. After completion of the show, the Master Clerk Catalog and associated sheets are sent to Central Office by the Show Secretary.

Clerking Program Manuals and Forms

A Clerking manual and forms are provided to assist clerks in performing their functions, such as the Preliminary Finals Form (forms are usually obtained from the Master Clerk in Charge, or Show Secretary). Clerking contracts and Evaluation Forms are provided in the Show package sent to the club, and can be asked for at the Master Clerk area, or Show Secretary. You can also download a copy of the CFA Clerking Evaluation Form. The Clerking Manual was updated in 2014, and can also be downloaded from the CFA website, or purchased through the Online Catalog.