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Shows - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find a cat show in my area?

The CFA show schedule contains listings of upcoming cat shows, including the sponsoring club(s), date, show hall and other pertinent information. The complete show schedule page can be found at: CFA Show Calendar or http://www.catshows.us/

2. What is involved in showing a cat?

The competitive sport of cat shows include many different ways you can participate, from showing a pedigreed or household pet cat to feline agility and more. Whatever your age or interest level, there is a place for you and your family in the exciting world of CFA!

3. I'd like to show my household pet cat. Where do I start?

There are many CFA shows which include Household Pet competition. The Household Pet class is a good way to begin in CFA. Household Pet competition is great fun and many exhibitors of pedigreed cats began showing in the Household Pet class. You can find information on showing your household pet, and there is a listing of shows, with entry clerk information, at: CFA Show Calendar or http://www.catshows.us/

4. What is Household Pet Recording?

CFA now gives you the opportunity to record your Household Pets. Recording your Household Pet with CFA is proof that you take pride in your cat's well-being and demonstrates that you are committed to serving as a responsible cat owner throughout your cat's life span. 

5. Where can I find an entry form to enter a show?

The CFA entry form in PDF format - Note: The form is a PDF form and you will require the Adobe Reader program on your computer. You can type in the required information and print the form for submission to the entry clerk. The completed form cannot be saved unless you have the full Adobe Acrobat program installed on your computer. The CFA online entry form can be found at http://entries.cfa.org/

6. Who supplies cages at a show, and what size are they?

Cages at a cat show are supplied by the sponsoring club. The size of show cages depends upon where in the country you are exhibiting. Be sure to consult the show announcement for any show you plan to enter. It is required by Show Rule 19.01(i) that the cage size be printed on the show announcement.

On the east coast, full cage size is 44" wide x 22" deep x 22" high for a cage that either holds two entries, or can be divided for two single entries with a size of 22" wide x 22" deep x 22" high. If you enter only one cat, you will be benched in a cage that is 22" wide x 22" deep x 22" high. You will normally have the option, when entering the show, to purchase the "double cage" space for a set fee, in which case the cage size for one entry will be 44" wide x 22" deep x 22" high. You may occasionally find cages that are 27" high instead of 22".

There are shows on the west coast that use large singles that are 36" wide x 24" deep x 27" high. In this instance, double cages are not available for purchase.

Security Cages: Many exhibitors find it easier to purchase their own security cages. Normally, a double cage space is required to accommodate a security cage and you will be required to purchase the double cage if you enter only one cat. Note that the 36" wide cage space does not allow room for a security cage and a groom space normally must be purchased to accommodate the security cage. To purchase your own security cage, go to http://sturdiproducts.com/

7. How do I determine my region of residence?

A region of residence is determined by the descriptions in Article VIII of the CFA Constitution. Regional boundaries are explicit and can be found on our Regions page

In order for your cat to be scored correctly, it is important to indicate your region of residence on the show entry form. If you need help determining your region of residence, please enter your zip code or city on this latitude-longitude site or email sdent@cfa.org

8. Can you help me understand the ribbons awarded at shows?

We have a very detailed description with corresponding images of the ribbon colors awarded in CFA along with an explanation of the judging process behind each ribbon awarded

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