Breed Awareness & Orientation Schools

The CFA Breed Awareness and Orientation Schools are held several times a year, including in conjunction with the CFA National Show, throughout the regions of CFA.

The CFA Breed Awareness & Orientation School is open to anyone who may someday plan to apply to the CFA Judging Program, as well as those serious CFA breeders who may desire a better understanding of the judging process and the other recognized breeds with which they do not work.

The school curriculum usually includes items such as:

  • Applying to the CFA Judging Program
  • Getting Started/How To Be a Good Trainee
  • Welcome to the Glamorous World of Judging—Ethics and Etiquette
  • Condition, Standards and Structure
  • Judging and Handling
  • The Psychology of Judging
  • Colors and Patterns in the Pedigreed Cat
  • SH Breeds
  • LH Breeds
  • Handling Sessions

Upcoming Schools:

  • October 10, 11 and 12, 2019 - Cleveland, Ohio (CFA International Cat Show)
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