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The CFA Ambassador Program

Welcome to the CFA Ambassador Program

The CFA Ambassador Program will help exhibitors give a public face to the cat fancy and offers knowledge transfer from those of you who know to the interested public. You will see some of us wearing buttons that say " Ask Me." The buttons are to provide the public with a contact person. If we don't have the answer, we will get it. Our Handbook is a wonderful tool for talking about CFA and their positions on many cat related subjects. If you're exhibiting at a show and want to help the public learn about CFA and the pedigreed cat, understand how the rings work and what the cat show is about, etc., you may enroll in the CFA Ambassador Program to help. You will receive an identity button, a cage topper and a handbook so you can become totally familiar with answers to the most frequently asked questions at a cat show. The CFA Ambassador Program is a first-rate resource for those who are interested in helping people understand CFA.

Welcome From the CFA President

As we extend our hands in welcome and open our hearts to others in the spirit of friendship around the globe, I applaud your willingness to share your knowledge and experience with spectators as a Ambassador for CFA. Your enthusiasm, support of others, and kind and generous spirit can never truly be repaid- so it must be recognized and applauded. The CFA Ambassador Spirit is one condition that I truly hope is contagious!

From the beginning, the mission of the CFA Ambassador program was to create a dynamic and inspired group of individuals who were willing to commit to reaching out and educating spectators at CFA licensed events. Today, we are proud the Ambassador program's mission spans the globe. Remember, as you go about educating the general public with information about the types of opportunities that exist in the broader cat fancy, you make our organization's mission stronger and more viable with each person whose life you touch.

Thank you for considering the Ambassador Program. We hope you will sign up today and become an Ambassador for CFA. On behalf of the CFA Board of Directors and the Ambassador Core Committee, we extend our gratitude for your commitment to keeping the CFA Spirit alive as we continue into our next century.

Jerold Hamza

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